Institute of Classical Homoeopathy

San Francisco


Weekly tutorials significantly improve the rate of learning and depth of understanding.

We have found that in order to develop a solid understanding, as well as acuity and fluency in its application, students need more time and continuity of teaching and discussion than one weekend a month can provide. There is a lot of material to be covered in the weekend classes, and that material needs to be digested through reading and homework assignments, and more fully assimilated through weekly tutorials.

In tutorials, students work together on honing their skills in an interactive environment. Tutorials serve as a support for independent learning, providing productive dialogue among students and with teachers. Tutorial teachers guide the students through the methods involved in working out cases and enhance their Materia Medica knowledge, in an environment in which everyone has a chance to speak and explore, debate and exchange ideas. Students have found tutorials to be invaluable in maintaining the momentum of learning from month to month, and in learning to apply what they have been taught in the weekend classes.

In the third and fourth years, active clinical participation is added to the curriculum. The time is divided between clinic and advanced application of the principles and therapeutics, along with additional study of the medicines (Read in more detail about the Four Year Training).