Institute of Classical Homoeopathy

San Francisco

Treatment in the Free Clinic

In the ICH clinic, Homoeopathic consultations are conducted by senior faculty and experienced student interns, who take up to two hours to listen carefully to the client's symptoms and history. The interview is conducted in the privacy of a small consulting room, with the students watching the case-taking by video camera in the classroom. The homeopath receives the case in the most unprejudiced, non-judgmental way, and strict rules of confidentiality are observed at the ICH. The cases are not recorded. A student intern is assigned to each client and acts as a liaison between the supervising faculty member and the client. After the consultation, the teacher and students work through the case, applying classical methodology, and decide on the most appropriate remedy and case management plan. In this way the client gets the benefit of many minds working on the case. The student intern then manages the case under the teacher's direct supervision.

Appointment Schedule Each client commits to three to four consecutive clinic appointments: the initial consultation and three shorter follow-up appointments, which take place at intervals of four to six weeks. After the last consultation, the student intern will provide ongoing homeopathic care, under close faculty supervision. The Clinic is currently open during the academic school year, from September to June four days a month. The schedule is made up in advance and there is usually a waiting list for appointments.

To contact the ICH Free Clinic, fill out this form. If you would like a referral to an ICH classical homoeopath, please contact our administrative office at (415) 551-1020, or email us at

Fees and Donations
The Institute of Classical Homoeopathy provides clinical care free of charge; there are no fees for consultations in the ICH clinic. However, as a non-profit educational organization, we depend, in part, on donations from the public. If you are inspired by the work we do and would like to see many people benefit from homoeopathic treatment, you can support us with a tax-deductible donation in any amount. You can also support the clinic by telling your friends about our work and encouraging them to contribute. Our Non-profit 501.c.3 Tax ID # is: 943191448.