Institute of Classical Homoeopathy

San Francisco

Online Course

Online training in The Principles and Practice of Classical Homeopathic Medicine


Course Description:

• Individually paced instruction

• Experienced professional faculty

• Concise, systematic, complete

• Substance and depth

• Invaluable practical information and protocols

• R.N.CEUs

• ICH certification in Emergency and Injury/First-aid prescribing


  • When does the online course start and how long does it take to complete?

    The online course is completed at your own pace. You can start it anytime. To thoroughly digest the material, including doing the assigned reading, a reasonable pace might be completing one module every week or two. There are eleven modules. Your pace depends on how much time and independent study you choose to devote to the course.

  • What does the course cover compared to the ICH four year Professional Training Program?

    The course is a concise version of a substantial portion of the 1st year material from the four year program, including the history and context of homoeopathic thought, the philosophy and principles of classical homoeopathy, and practical materia medica (the study of homeopathic medicines) for effective acute and emergency prescribing. The scope of study, and the practice for which it prepares the student is much narrower than that of the regular professional training program. The subjects covered in the “Essentials” course are discussed and worked with in more depth in the first year of the regular program, and more material is included as well. The first year of the professional training provides a grounding in the methodology as well as the understanding needed to treat a wider range of acute cases, such as colds, flu, allergic reactions, etc. You will be fully trained and receive a certification after this course is done to practice on first aid type cases.

    Other courses do not follow all of the principles of classical homoeopathy, instead suggesting routine or simplistic prescribing rather than matching the remedy with the individual's state. The practical consequence of this is an enormous disparity in the effectiveness of treatment. When prescribed according to the science of classical homeopathy, the prescription more precisely fits the case, and the potency choices and dosing protocols bring about rapid cure. Sadly, most of what popularly passes as homeopathy does not utilize the true homoeopathic science that makes the medicines so effective. The ICH is committed to bringing homeopathy into the mainstream of modern healthcare, by teaching the most reliable, thoroughly proven material. This commitment applies throughout all levels of our educational programs. We have put a lot of creative work into making this an outstanding course that will give you everything you need to be effective.

  • What is the tuition for the course?

    The cost for the entire course is $425, which includes a $100 registration fee, 11 Course Modules, and evaluations and feedback from the course instructor, who will be available to you via email throughout the course.

  • Can I practice homoeopathy when I complete the course?

    Upon completion, you should be able to effectively treat simple acute health problems such as injuries, and emergencies with homeopathic remedies. More training is needed to treat more complicated acute conditions or chronic cases. Depending on where you are, the professional practice of homoeopathy may be regulated by various state or national laws, which you must investigate for yourself. However, in most places, homeopathic medicines are available over-the-counter, and this course gives you the training to use those medicines safely and effectively.

  • Is it possible to continue studying in the 4 year program after I complete the online course?

    Yes, however you must begin in year 1 of the program and formally submit an application and attend an interview to qualify for the on-site programs. The online course will have given you a head-start, with a solid foundation on which to build, and some practical experience in seeing the responses to homeopathic medicines in your treatment of first-aid situations. This understanding will serve you well as you delve more deeply into the rich treasury of homoeopathic material.