Institute of Classical Homoeopathy

San Francisco

Mission Statement

The Institute of Classical Homoeopathy is dedicated to creating a vibrant center of excellence and innovation in classical homeopathic education. Its primary goal is to raise the standard of homeopathic practice through rigorous training, thereby bringing the benefits of effective homeopathic medicine to individuals, families, and communities worldwide.
The ICH believes that homeopathy, practiced according to classical, Hahnemannian principles, has the potential to make a major contribution to modern healthcare, relieving suffering, enhancing health, and helping people to achieve their full potential. Therefore, it seeks to create a viable component of any healthcare system with this humane, holistic, intelligent form of natural medicine.

In order to carry out its mission, the ICH:

• Offers a challenging, stimulating four-year program in an atmosphere of enthusiasm, discovery, and integrity of purpose.

• Offers a one-year course in acute care, first-aid, and emergency treatment for healthcare professionals.

• Operates a free community clinic offering chronic, constitutional treatment to those in need.

• Trains ongoing generations of excellent homoeopaths and outstanding homoeopathic teachers whose work is permeated by the unselfish motivation to help others.

• Offers an on-line course and public talks and seminars designed to educate both healthcare providers and the wider public about the effective use of homeopathy.

• Publishes works elucidating classical homeopathic principles and practice.

We aspire to revolutionize people's ideas about healthcare, conduct and support homeopathically appropriate clinical research, and enhance the understanding of Hahnemannian classical homoeopathy among consumers, provider organizations, professionals, regulators and others in the healthcare delivery system. We strive to create immeasurable benefit through this economical, non-toxic, environmentally friendly medical system, which is based on well-proven natural laws and principles, serving all living beings without distinction.