Institute of Classical Homoeopathy

San Francisco

ICH Clinic


The ICH Free Homeopathic Community Clinic is the first of its kind in the U.S. It operates on four days a month, September-June at the ICH in San Francisco. For seventeen years, the ICH clinic has offered free chronic, constitutional treatment as a service to the community. The clinic is also a critical part of the ICH training, providing students with two years of internship under the careful guidance of faculty. Clinic clients are seen in the clinic for several months, and then are cared for by the intern assigned to them, with ongoing supervision from ICH faculty (If you are interested in treatment in the ICH Clinic, click here).

As clinic cases progress, they are discussed in the third and fourth year classes. This provides exceptional care for the clients, and gives the students the invaluable opportunity to participate in the ongoing treatment of many cases by the time they graduate. This clinic design is one of the unique benefits of study at the ICH, and provides more hours of more intensive clinical training than any other program. Rather than just relying on theory and academic learning, an ICH graduate begins to practice with a solid basis of clinical experience. This is achieved through three progressive stages of carefully crafted clinical education:

• Second Year students begin their clinical experience as silent observers.

• Third Year students learn from watching an experienced homeopath take the case, then work as a team along with the instructor, to analyze and manage the case. Each student intern is assigned at least one case to manage for the school clinic, and usually continues caring for these clients after graduation. After a case leaves the clinic, it continues to be monitored by the instructor and students, so that everyone benefits from the experience of long-term case management.

• Fourth Year students take the cases themselves, with faculty supervision, and then analyze and manage them with their teachers and classmates. After graduation, the case is continued in the graduate's private practice. Graduates have ongoing access to their teachers in the management of these cases.

For students, the most exhilarating and memorable moments in their training occur in the clinic. Nothing is as thrilling as seeing someone's suffering fall away under the curative action of a homoeopathic remedy. Everything learned in the academic classes comes into sharp focus in clinic, becoming integrated inseparably with clinical practice. This engenders unshakeable confidence in Hahnemann's system and inspires students to truly master it for the benefit of all.