Institute of Classical Homoeopathy

San Francisco

Educational Philosophy


Through our four-year professional program, we educate our students in all the aspects of homeopathic science, so that they are grounded in a well-founded framework for practicing. Because a good homeopath must be thoughtful, perceptive, compassionate, and completely without prejudice, the ICH training develops these qualities. In teaching the great classical treasures of homoeopathy together with the most modern understanding, the ICH offers a rare opportunity to delve into the deeper meaning of our human experience. Throughout the four years, students develop intellectually, personally, professionally, and spiritually. They learn to work together with enthusiasm, respect, and generosity, to create a community of excellent homoeopaths.

The students’ development is fueled by lectures, discussions, tutorials, clinics, and independent learning. There is an atmosphere of open dialogue and collaboration among students and between students and faculty. We have small classes with all the benefits of apprenticeship and mentoring, giving everyone the chance to contribute, question and explore.

Among homeopathic schools, and among schools in general, the ICH is an unusual place. We believe in the transformative power of knowledge and learning. We look for intelligent students who have discipline, creativity and compassion. We look for students who want to make a difference. We have teachers who have the love of their subject, who teach joyfully and joyfully learn as they teach. We encourage a mingling of minds where everyone learns. We value above all, that rarest of qualities, genuine humility, which opens the door to lifelong learning.

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